Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

1 Codeine Base
2 Codeine Phosphate
3 Noscapine Base/HCL
4 Methadone HCl
5 Buprenorphine HCL
6 Morphine Sulphate
7 Morphine HCL
8 Opium Tincture 1%,2%
9 Oxycodone HCl
10 Oxymorphone HCL
11 Pholcodine
12 Papaverine HCL
13 Naltrexone HCL
14 Naloxone HCL
15 Paracetamol Powder/DC
16 Hydrocodone Bitartrate

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is any substance or mixture of substances used to produce a pharmaceutical product that is its main component and has therapeutic properties in that drug.These substances are intended to provide pharmacological activity and other direct effects in diagnosing treatment, relieving symptoms, preventing disease, or affecting the structure and function of the body.