Getting the first rank in export sales, a valuable achievement in the pharmaceutical industry of country

-Temad Co, one of TPICO’s companies, has achieved the first platform of export sale among other companies in the holding and other API manufacturers with the help of market development and export team to introduce 3 new products to 2 new countries by gaining more than 5million dollars.

– Doctor Yahya Mirzaei, CEO of Temad, speech has mentioned that Temad’s goal was 11million dollars by the end of the year to display 35% growth against the last year. He continued the exhibitions (Pharmex, Iran Pharma, China CPHI, ….) were good opportunities to establish such strong international relations. At the end, Dr. Mirzaei congratulated the national export day on October 21st to all colleagues in FDA, Medical Companies, and others who are concerned about export problems.


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