A new achievement in the research department of Temad co


A new achievement in the research department of Temad co

Temad Co; The largest producer of narcotic and non-narcotic medicinal substances in the country and one of the companies of Tamin Pharmaceutical Group (TPICO) succeeded in putting papaverine hydrochloride in the production circuit.

Dr. Yahya Mirzaei, CEO of Temad Co , said:
Considering that the active substance papaverine hydrochloride is one of the narcotic and knowledge-based products of Temad company and can create high added value, the research team of this company improved the quality and targeted purification method of this active substance and its industrial production, this product It will soon launch strategic products and achieve a new share in international markets.

The managing director of Temad added:
Temad company’s research team has taken effective steps by using the world’s latest technologies in increasing efficiency, optimal purification of effective substances, revitalizing potential products and developing new products in line with production jump and helping market development.


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