10 Important achievments of Temad at the cphi exhibition in Spain 2023

10 Important achievments of Temad at the cphi exhibition in Spain 2023

1- Branding: A brand is a very important identity in business that cannot be achieved overnight, and surely attending important events in the pharmaceutical industry has an effective role and contribution in branding.

2- Commercial diplomacy: Managing and holding more than 80 planned B2B meetings by the Temad team with the purposes of raw material supply, market development, export and transfer of technical knowledge.

3- Current Customers: Temad had made meetings with its current customers to update the status. There are 26 export products and 56 countries now.

4- Market Development: Temad company was able to finalize new orders from 3 new customers through commercial negotiations and offering high-quality products and competitive price of narcotic products, which will export these products in the second half of this year. Identifying new customers for export is one of the main goals of attending this exhibition.

5- Supplying: Pursuing how to facilitate and accelerate the supply of pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials from Asian partners and key commercial negotiations that can be effective in the timely supply of materials.

6- Registering new products: Negotiations to register new products in the target countries will be announced soon.

7- Technical Knowledge: A number of countries, in previous meetings and visits to Temad company, requested to purchase technical know-how, which was discussed again at the Spain CPHI and had positive results.

8- Equipment: Visits were also made to purchase equipment, and paying attention to the needs and updating the equipment was also part of these visits.

9-Visiting other booths: Visits were also made to the booths to know the companies, products, prices, etc., with the aim of making possible cooperation, which is a new chapter of communication in the direction of market development, product development, research and development, and exchanges.

10- EU GMP: Temad has discussed with some European companies and visited 2 Spanish companies in order to receive this certification to ease the export



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